AUDIO ARCHIVE Introduction

BroadCATCH Audio Archive is an audio logger to hard disk or even CD-Recorder.
It works on any PC running Windows XP or later

How it works

  • It records any audio source 24 hours a day NON STOP
  • These audio material can be stored to hard disks or a single CD-R
  • Audio quality is defined by user
  • There is also an embedded audio player to listen and manage audio material
  • Selected audio material can be edited and stored in a database (BroadCATCH Radio Automation) so as keep and rebroadcast
  • Many BroadCATCH Audio Archive can be installed on a network (LAN) so as to record multiple audio sources

Minimum Requirements

PC Intel® Dual-Core


128GB Hard Disk

sVGA 1280x1024, 16 bit Colours

Windows compatible sound card

19" Monitor

Audio material sizes for 1 day :

64Kb/sec 44.1KHz Mono near CD quality

Storage Needed

32Kb/sec 22.05KHz Mono near FM quality

Storage Needed

10Kb/sec 11KHz Mono near AM quality

Storage Needed